Dryer Vents

Dryer Vents - Residential

Accumulated lint from fabric nap builds up in your dryer vent reducing air flow and potentially block your vent all together.

A dirty/plugged dryer vent can cause:

  • house fire
  • increased maintenance bills
  • increased energy consumption
  • backup of musty smell
  • increased wear and tear on clothing due to extended drying time

In most cases your dryer vent can be cleaned from the exterior of the building causing you little or no mess or fuss in your home.  Oliver's Power Vac & Chimney Sweep uses a truck mounted compressor with 220 psi of compressed air to power a reverse blowing spinning cleaning head on the end of an extremely flexible air line.  This system pulls itself through the dryer vent while simultaneously blowing lint out of the vent where it is captured and then disposed of leaving no mess for the homeowner.

Dryer Vents - Commercial

Facilities like hospitals, resorts, retirement homes, hotels, and motels and a number of other commercial sites do a tremendous amount of laundry each year. Multiple dryers and dryer ducts accumulate significant debris, which can restrict air flow in dryer vents and cause the dryer to overheat. While the vents may be out of sight, scheduling dryer vent cleaning is an important part of building maintenance as it helps to avoid potential fire hazards. Cleaning dryer vents also improves the efficiency of appliances, lowers energy costs, and thwarts the growth of mould, bacteria and odours which can have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

Hard to reach places are no problem for our qualified technicians, so even if your commercial venting is not accessible from the ground level, Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep can efficiently clean your dryer vent. We work our equipment from the outside of the exhaust vent using a reverse blowing pnuematic head to loosen debris. As the attachment pulls itself through the dryer duct, the lint is moved to the outside. 

Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep can provide commercial dryer vent cleaning from Campbell River to Nanaimo as well as their outlying communities. Call us for an estimate.