HVAC - Commercial

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Industrial duct cleaning is a necessary part of regularly scheduled building maintenance for large public buildings, recreational facilities, sports centres and arenas, hospitals, hotels, and schools. We have the right tools to get the job done, using a powerful truck mounted power vacuum system and versatile pneumatic duct cleaning tools. Oliver’s Power Vac offers industrial duct cleaning for systems of all sizes and offers visual inspections, as well as anti-bacterial and odour suppressing fog treatments.

Maintaining interior air quality is beneficial for health reasons because it reduces the amount of air borne contaminants that recirculate inside of a building when air duct debris is left to accumulate. Clean air ducts deliver cleaner air, reduce SBS (sick building syndrome) as well as employee absenteeism. Industrial duct cleaning also results in a cleaner building with less dust accumulating on expensive office equipment, computers and other electronics.

Professional duct cleaning maintains the efficiency of your industrial ventilation and exhaust system reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your equipment. Contact Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep for a quote on residential, commercial or industrial duct cleaning. We provide services on Vancouver Island and beyond.

Air Handling Units

Cleaning the ducts of air handling units in commercial buildings provides more than just cleaner air. It ensures that your air handling unit is receiving the regular maintenance required to keep coils, volume control dampers and filters clean and functioning properly. A furnace or heat pump that is cleaned and maintained can provide more efficient results by preventing restrictions to air flow, which in turn reduces energy and maintenance costs. Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep does more than duct cleaning, we also clean the major components of your furnace or heat pump to keep things running smoothly. To arrange for an estimate for duct cleaning for your air handling unit, call Oliver’s Power Vac and Chimney Sweep. We provide services from Campbell River to Nanaimo, as well as outlying communities. We have almost 40 years in the duct cleaning business to provide top quality results and customer satisfaction.