Residential Chimney & Fireplace

It’s important to have a chimney cleaning done prior to each burning season, as well as a visual inspection of your chimney and wood burning stove or furnace. The WETT Certified technicians at Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep are fully qualified and insured to provide chimney cleaning services and to advise you on the safest way to operate your wood burning system. Start the heating season knowing that you’ve minimized the risk of a house fire or chimney fire by hiring a certified professional.

How often you need to schedule chimney cleaning depends on the size of your chimney, how frequently you use your wood stove or fireplace and what kind of wood you burn. In addition to soot and ashes, burning wood in a wood stove or fireplace creates a bi-product called creosote. Creosote is created as the gases emitted from the burning wood travel through the stove pipes with the smoke and up the chimney. As the gas cools, it first becomes a drippy tar-like liquid and gradually becomes a solid. Creosote is highly flammable and when left to accumulate, can ignite within your chimney causing a chimney fire. Chimney fires can crack tiles, degrade mortar and cause chimney liners to cave in creating hot spots along the chimney potentially leading to other structural damage. The heat of a chimney fire can also propel chunks of burning creosote onto the roof which may ignite. To avoid potential chimney fires, regularly scheduled chimney cleaning and inspections should be done. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about wood burning systems.

Chimney Sweeping

Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep offers a wide range of services for solid fuel burning units. We provide chimney sweeping for free-standing wood stove chimneys, wood burning insert chimneys, pellet stove chimneys and fireplaces. In addition to cleaning the chimney flue, we also do a visual inspection of the chimney and wood burning unit so that we can bring any defects or concerns to your attention. Our WETT certified technicians take special care to ensure that the inside of your home stays clean while we do the work.  We use drop cloths, commercial vacuums and years of experience!



A big part of fire safety is making sure that your wood burning appliance meets code compliance. Whether you need your existing chimney lined with a stainless steel sleeve or a manufactured chimney installed or replaced the technicians at Oliver's Power Vac & Chimney Sweep are trained and certified to do this for you.  We only use high quality certified parts and fittings to ensure that your installation will meet code requirements.

We are also well versed in the installation of new wood stoves, stove pipes and maintaining existing wood stoves.  Proper WETT certification of the installation can be provided when the work is complete.

Chimney and Wood Stove Inspections

In addition to chimney sweeping, Oliver’s Power Vac & Chimney Sweep also provides chimney and wood stove inspections so that we can make you aware of any defects or problems that need to be addressed and minimize the risk of chimney fire. Whether for insurance purposes, post chimney fire or just for peace of mind our WETT certified technicians will do an inspection of your chimney and wood stove including the cap, crown, shell, liner, foundation, cleanout, breech pipe, stove pipe, interior and exterior of your stove as well as safety clearances of both units. Our technicians will advise you of changes to your installation due to aging, exposure to weather, or chimney fire all of which can be damaging. Having a chimney and wood stove inspection regularly can reduce the risk of house fire and ensure that your wood burning heat source meets BC code.

Chimney Maintenance

Burning a wood stove requires regular maintenance of the wood stove and and the chimney in order to keep it burning efficiently and to ensure that your heat source is safe.  We have included some questions and answers about wood burning and chimney cleaning on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you don't find what you're looking for there, please give us a call.